"Internationalization at home"

Project: FSS/2008/X/D5/W/006

The project "Internationalization at home" is being conducted  with the support granted by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway by means of co-financing from the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism as part of the Scholarship and Training Fund".

The budget of the project is set for 235 500 PLN, which includes :

- the  grant from the Scholarship and Training Fund: 211 948 PLN,

- indigenous asset ( university's  financial contribution ): 23 552 PLN.

The project "Internationalizations at home" has been prepared by the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz  (UTP ) in cooperation with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Aas. It includes several actions tailored to develop  the international activity of the UTP with special emphasis put on enhancing  students' mobility,  increasing the diversity of the academic environment and broadening the support for multinational research.

In particular the project aims at boosting  the international mobility of UTP's students,  as well as strengthening the attractiveness of the university for foreigners. For that purpose the  following actions are being undertaken:

1.Opening the Center for International Studies,

2.Establishing a friendly administrative context, with special attention  put on clear and comprehensive procedures of studying at UTP  for foreigners, as well as for Polish student who would like to pursuit

their degree in English,

3.Involving native students in servicing their international counterparts,

4.Exchanging the best practices regarding the international services conducted at partnership universities.

The timeframe  for the project stretches from 01.03.2009 to 28.02.2011.

The Center for International Studies (CIS)will provide the broad support for the international students and academic guests, helping them successfully immerse into academic life at UTP, integrate with the academic community and gain more of experience of the regional culture throughout their stay.  The work of the center is also  expected to increase the number of  UTP's students spending part of their curriculum abroad.

The center will be open at the beginning of September 2009.